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We go beyond

We craft exceptional digital products, tailored to your
unique business needs​​.

Our mission is to design and craft technology that fits like a glove, making daily tasks a breeze, not a burden.

We believe in a world where custom digital
solutions simplify the way we work, everywhere, every day.

We’re all about empowering individuals, not just enterprises, creating a ripple effect that transforms workplaces
from the ground up. Together, let’s make work life more efficient, enjoyable, and, yes – even exciting.
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Innovative AI solutions for business growth
Our team, composed of skilled experts using the latest AI tools, is committed to building impactful digital products that propel businesses to the forefront of their industries. We have a passion for innovation, and we channel that into pioneering solutions that keep your business ahead.

Our strengths lie in our innovative approach, our experienced team, and our commitment to providing customized, end-to-end development solutions​. We have a track record of successfully fueling startup innovation with cutting-edge technology and expertise, helping businesses grow faster and more efficiently​.

Our clients value us for our deep know-how and exceptional engagement.​

Whether it’s developing the Mac version of existing software, connecting ERP systems and reporting tools or even helping set a software solution on a new footing we take pride in ensuring our transparent solutions go far above the standard fare.

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We're not just a team

we’re a community of innovators, creators, and dreamers who come together to create products, not just write
software. We’re Xyndo, and we’re here to help you thrive in the digital age.
Robert Peterscheck
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Co-Founder of xyndata, is an accomplished leader in the technology sector with a proven ability to drive product innovation and growth. His background is rich with diverse experiences, from heading the product team at 1E and leading significant transformations, to shaping end-user technology strategy at Novartis.

At xyndata, Robert leverages his expertise in product strategy, performance metrics, and agile methodologies to shape the company’s product vision and roadmap. His leadership and innovative thinking have been instrumental in positioning xyndata as a trailblazer in the industry. Known for his ability to drive efficiency and manage complex projects, Robert plays a crucial role in charting the strategic direction of xyndata.

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As a co-founder of xyndata, Patrik has been channeling his extensive experience as a technologist into designing groundbreaking solutions aimed at boosting productivity and refining the processes of their clientele. His specialized knowledge spans a variety of areas including IoT 4.0 automation, CNC monitoring, and the development and deployment of mobile applications.

Before embarking on his journey with xyndata, Patrik amassed valuable experience in pivotal roles within the tech sector. These include his tenure as Engineering Manager at GoEuro, Software Architect at Novartis, and as the Head of Software Development at LOKISA Holding GmbH. Each of these roles contributed significantly to his proficiency in a wide spectrum of technologies and methodologies. This encompasses Windows, MacOS, and Linux Frameworks, Mobile Native frameworks, and Docker/k8s technologies. On the solution architecture front, he leverages microservices, Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) principles, and Agile methodologies.

At the helm of xyndata, Patrik steers the company’s strategic direction and supervises the creation of tailor-made solutions for a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing and automotive to textile. His leadership has been pivotal in developing an innovative portfolio of products and services tailored to alleviate specific challenges and optimize operations for their clients.

Fuelled by his passion for technology, commitment to excellence, and wealth of experience, Patrik continues to propel xyndata to new heights, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in its field.

Patrik Tesar

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