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Fueling innovation and growth with cutting-edge solutions

Our custom development services for startups are designed to fuel innovation and accelerate growth. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that startups face and are committed to helping you navigate the fast-paced, competitive landscape even if your budget is tight. With our experienced team, innovative approach, and end-to-end development process, we deliver tailored digital solutions that allow your startup to scale rapidly and make a lasting impact in your industry.

Mid-sized Companies​
Accelerating business growth with scalable digital products

For mid-sized companies, our bespoke development services focus on driving growth and efficiency through tailored, innovative digital solutions. We work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and objectives, crafting custom software, web and mobile applications, and technology consulting services that propel your organization to the next level. Our experienced team, innovative approach, and end-to-end development process ensure seamless project execution and long-term success for your mid-sized business. And if COTS is more your style we can do a 1 day workshop to get you an RfP that could save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars when you buy the software you need.

Mid sized Companies
Large Enterprises
Large Enterprises
Driving digital transformation with robust enterprise solutions

Our comprehensive digital services for large enterprises are designed to address the complex challenges faced by organizations operating on a larger scale. We deliver custom software development, web and mobile app development, enterprise solutions, and technology consulting services tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Our experienced team, innovative approach, and end-to-end development process ensure the delivery of high-quality, scalable solutions that drive efficiency, collaboration, and success across your enterprise. While we specialize in regulated industries and companies that have need for clear, consistent, and verbose documentation we are able to work in verticals that focus on speed of execution over validated approaches.


What our clients say about us.

Dive into genuine reflections from our valued partners. Their stories, experiences, and testimonials shed light on our unwavering commitment to excellence and collaboration. Join the chorus of satisfied voices who’ve tasted success with our expertise.

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We needed a partner who could help with our entire mobility platform, applications, publishing, all of it. It’s hard to find vendors that can manage the whole lifecycle, but xyndata did that for us – I recommend them.

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We hired xyndata s.r.o. to develop the Mac Version of the Software “Click.to”. Their deep know-how in MacOS Objective-C along with their exceptional engagement ensured the project was finished on time and in budget.

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xyndata s.r.o. has helped us significantly in setting our software solution on a new footing. We particularly liked the initiative of the employees, who improved the concept even more. Our expectations were not only met but exceeded. Our topics were implemented in a simple and uncomplicated manner, and that’s exactly how it should be.

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Thanks to xyndata s.r.o., we were able to expand our team quickly and flexibly. Communication with their project managers was flawless and their employees were all highly motivated and solution-oriented.

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The xyndata team not only helped our teams build out the backend infrastructure, they made sure it followed best devops practices and avoided any disruption to our business

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Our requirements were complex because it was a card reading system and software layer. xyndata had the right expertise for our project to succeed. The work was delivered on time and under budget, a rare feat in corporate projects

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