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Enhancing Collaboration and Work/Life Balance through custom built communication platform

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This whitepaper presents a case study of a pharmaceutical company that successfully developed and implemented a bespoke communication platform by leveraging existing data from Microsoft 365 systems. The custom solution created tailored content for employees who seemed disconnected from work, enhancing collaboration and improving work/life balance by managing communication load. The development process exhibited on-time delivery, professionalism of staff, and visibility of timelines, leading to a satisfactory implementation.


In a world where effective communication is essential for businesses to thrive, the pharmaceutical industry is no exception, relying heavily on collaboration among interdisciplinary teams to drive innovation and bring new products to market. However, employees in many organizations struggle with work/life balance due to communication overload. This whitepaper presents a case study of a pharmaceutical company that sought to create a bespoke communication platform to address these challenges.

Problem statement ​

The pharmaceutical company faced two primary challenges:

The pharmaceutical company partnered with xyndata to create a custom communication platform designed to address these challenges by leveraging existing data from Microsoft 365 systems. The platform uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to:

The development process focused on on-time delivery, professionalism of staff,
and visibility of timelines, ensuring a smooth implementation:

Project Scoping

The pharmaceutical company and software development team collaborated to define the project’s scope, goals, and timelines, ensuring a clear understanding of requirements.

Agile Development

The team employed agile methodologies, allowing for iterative development and continuous feedback, resulting in a platform that met the needs of the pharmaceutical company.

Regular Updates

The development team provided ongoing updates on project progress, ensuring transparency and allowing the pharmaceutical company to plan for integration and adoption.

The bespoke communication platform was successfully implemented within
the pharmaceutical company

Increased Collaboration

Employees who were previously disconnected from work became more engaged and involved in team projects, leading to a measurable increase in collaboration.

Improved Work/Life Balance

By managing communication load, employees reported reduced stress levels and an improved ability to balance their personal and professional lives.

Enhanced Productivity

The streamlined communication process allowed employees to focus on their most important tasks, leading to higher overall productivity.

The case study of the pharmaceutical company highlights the value of developing a bespoke
communication platform to improve collaboration and work/life
balance through intelligent communication management. By leveraging existing data and
utilizing AI algorithms, custom solutions can create tailored content for disconnected
employees while managing their communication load.

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